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Sun’s Out - Time to Make the Most of Your Blinds

All our blinds, curtains and shutters are great for temperature and light control. However, knowing these simple tricks and fabric features will ensure you make the most of your window dressing all year round.

Retain heat

Did you know that smart use of blinds can save up to 77%* of heat gain? To get the full benefit, lower or tilt your blinds when you leave your home in the morning or as soon as the sun comes out if you’re around. Blinds will prevent heat loss whilst some blind types will allow solar heat to warm up your room.

Increase your privacy

Blackout blinds are perfect for rooms where increased privacy and light exclusion are important, such as bedroom, bathroom or nursery. As the name suggests, blackout blinds prevent any light passing through. The fabric has a special back coating to give blackout performance which in addition, also helps with solar and thermal control. While blackout blinds provide maximum heat retention and light exclusion, they won’t allow solar heat pass through your windows & warm up your dwelling. So, if you want to take advantage of solar heat, ensure your blackout blinds are raised when the sun comes out.


Allow solar heat in and keep the window view

To get the best solar heat control while allowing some light to enter the room, choose solar control blinds. Solar fabric reflects or absorbs a higher percentage of solar radiation that is transmitted through the blind into the room. The solar fabric has a light ‘silvered’ backing that gives greater heat reflectance whilst allowing some light to filter through.

Did you know?

Lighter coloured blinds reflect more radiation and darker colours absorb more radiation. So, if you want to keep your room cool when the light shines through – go for lighter colours.

For Clearer View

If you’re interested in a filtering of the light more than the heat gain, then consider the voile and screen type blinds. Voiles and sheer fabrics will ensure some privacy during daylight hours whilst still maintaining some outward vision. During normal daylight hours, the light is filtered, and a blind provides privacy, but once you switch the light on at night, passers-by will be able to see you. That’s why it’s a really good idea to fit an additional blackout blind or curtain to give full privacy.

Make the best of both worlds

To ensure a perfect light and temperature control in your dwelling, combine solar control and blackout blinds. Solar control blinds will allow you to keep your stunning window view and reflect solar heat during the day, while blackout fabric will protect your privacy and retain heat at night.

Need some ideas?

Our blinds combine functionality with stunning looks. From the plain rollers to sophisticated curtains, we have window dressings to fit perfectly any window. Visit our Pinterest blackout and solar blind boards to view our favourite and most popular products gathered in one place. 

We hope you found this blog post useful and learned how to make the best use of your blinds during the warm and sunny season. Feel free to browse our website to find your perfect fit blinds and get inspired.

How do you control solar heat in your dwelling? Share with us on social media or email to [email protected]

*US Dept of Energy.